All of us have that friend or colleague that loves to play games using his console or computer. Buying gifts for gamers is always a huge challenge but today we are giving you four great ideas that we recommend buying.

RGB Gaming Mouse Mat

When playing games on the computer, it’s always good to have a good mouse mat that allows a precise and effective movement of the mouse. But a simple mouse mat is boring!

RGB Gaming Mouse Mat with lights

Here is where the RGB Gaming Mouse Mat brings some excitement! This mouse mat has dimensions of 350 by 250 mm and includes RGB lights. The corners of this mat can be customized with multi unique colors, and the brightness can be adjustable with a touch of a button.

To make all these RGB lights work, your friend or colleague gamer just needs to connect the standard 1-meter USB cable, which is already included in the computer.

The RGB Gaming Mouse Mat is available for less than 10.00 pounds on Amazon UK and the delivery time is just one day!

PlayStation Controller Mug by Paladone

If the gamer you are looking for the gift, loves coffee, tea, or any other hot beverage during the pause of playing, then this PlayStation Controller Mug is a great gift for him/her.

Playstation Coffee Controller Mug

The mug has the logo of the PlayStation on the front and back. The mug handler is made to resemble the console PlayStation 4 game controller.

Made with high-quality materials and officially licensed by Sony (the company owner and creator of the console brand) this is a must-have quality collectible to every gamer or merchandise collector.

The PlayStation Controller Mug by Paladone is available at Amazon UK and costs less than 13 pounds.

Oculus Quest 2

Time to step up this game of gift ideas for gamers to another level! We already spoke about a mouse mat for PC gamers and one controller mug for the fans of PlayStation and now it is time to enter a new area that is exploding in popularity among people that love to play games. We are speaking about Virtual Reality.

Oculus Quest 2, the ultimate gift for him

The Oculus Quest 2 is a new immersive experience to play games and enjoy several types of content. With easy setup and no need for any additional hardware like a computer or console, this goggles headset for virtual reality is the all-in-one gaming experience needed.

To start using this headset, the lucky gamer just needs to take it out of the box connect to the internet and log in with the Facebook account (it’s necessary to have an account on the social network because this Oculus is developed by them). But that’s it, simple setup, and the next step is to download games and apps from the store.

Besides playing games, the gamer can also use this goggles headset to watch movies from different apps, meeting people on virtual reality, and even work on a virtual desktop. Amazing, isn’t it? 🙂

One last thing, if you want to use this device to play computer games it is also possible! You just need to connect the Link Cable to a compatible PC.

The Oculus Quest 2 is one of the ultimate gifts for gamers and it is available at Amazon UK with different configurations. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Headset only with 64GB of space in disk for 299.00 pounds
  • Headset only with 256GB of space in disk for 399.00 pounds
  • Headset with 64GB of space in disk and Link Cable for 388.00 pounds

Check other Oculus Quest 2 options on Amazon UK.

PlayStation Gift Card and Xbox Digital Gift Card

We are arriving at the final of our gift ideas for gamers but before we finish this article full of great suggestions, we want to bring to your attention the simpler gift that also will be useful, and the risk of the person don’t like is incredibly low.

PlayStation Gift Cards for Gamers

The PlayStation Gift Card and Xbox Digital Gift Card are just like the name says, vouchers with a certain amount to be used for the shop of the companies. These voucher cards can be used to purchase games or apps inside the online stores available inside the console or on the computer (in the case of Xbox gift cards).

The PlayStation offers three different gift cards with different amounts. You can buy for your friend or colleague gamer, a voucher of 10, 20 or 50 pounds to be used in the PlayStation Store. You can buy this voucher directly from the company website.

Microsoft offers just one Xbox Digital Gift Card for fifty pounds to be used at Microsoft Store Online available on Windows and on Xbox. This voucher can be used for purchases of games, apps, films, TV shows, and devices.

The Xbox Digital Gift Card can be bought directly on the company’s website. After the payment, you will receive an email with the voucher code. Please be aware that this voucher cannot be used to buy in physical stores from Microsoft.

Both vouchers don’t have an expiration date, so you don’t need to worry about it!

These are some of our ideas of gifts for gamers. What are your thoughts? Did you enjoy our suggestions? Do you have other gift suggestions? Leave us a comment below! 🙂