We love these beautiful moments when someone thinks to make a personalized gift. This is clearly enjoyable to always flash in memory of the gift receiver any time he/she looks at your gift.

The benefit of personalized gifts is their fit to every occasion or celebration and every purpose of such occasions, be it romantic, business or friendship. Whatever the intention of the personalized gift is, it always has a story behind it.

What do we mean by that? There are a lot of personalized gifts ideas offered in the market, however, to choose the proper one, you need to know the person, have a story to tell, even a small one and to really know the person’s preferences, hobbies, profession or so, to personalize the gift and subsequently make sure they enjoy it once received.

Here we come with some personalized gift ideas for everyone to inspire from and create your own story.

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Personalized portrait of the gift receiver

This brilliant gift idea will suit any kind of gift purpose and be presentable to any person. It is obvious, imagination here is your strength, you can order either a mocking picture if it is your friend or a romantic look of your girlfriend/boyfriend, or why not together? 

Personalized gift idea - Portrait

For a business purpose, a painted ‘king portrait’ of your business partner or colleague will have remarkable success.

Moreover, nowadays, people care a lot about their looks and how they are viewed by people around them, so this kind of personalized gift will flatter them.

Leather all types of personalized gift

Oh, here is also a great room for imagination. Leather products look expensive, are valued, and are liked by everyone. Imagine personalizing them. For example, indicate the name of the gift receiver, like in the example below. Do it with a bag, purse or laptop cover, notebook, anything you can produce.

Personalized Bag

Furthermore, personalize a notebook. Not only the name makes it personal, but also text. Personalize a gift by writing some words of appreciation, or love, or business-oriented words with your signature. Sounds brilliant, isn’t it?

Personalized Notebook

Also, if a person you would like to make a gift is a smoker, check out this personalized leather cigar case.  This present will not be left without amazement of the gift receiver and unnoticeable by people around him.

Smoking Bag

Personalized mugs

This kind of gift can be personalized to every purpose. Do you want to congratulate your boss? Make him a personal bossy mug.

Or go romantic with your girlfriend. Put a picture of your significant other with you together on a mug, so every time he or she drinks some tea or coffee he/she associates you with warm feelings.


On top of that, you can combine a present for your father with his profession and some specific feature of character. Here is an idea to manage it, just adapt your text like the example above and your personalized gift is ready.

Custom Bobblehead

Just brilliant, personalized gift idea for any purpose. The level of personalization beats all records. You can personalize the doll with the portrait, but also associate the outfit and add other features according to the person’s hobbies, profession, passion, and so on.


For instance, if a person is a businessman, you can personalize him with his business suit of a favorite color and diplomat in the hand. Oh yes, if you do not know his or her favorite color, go with classic ones.

If your friend is passionate about football, add a ball in his hands. Passionate about Formula 1? Go with the racing suit and a car of his favorite racer.

Here imagination is the limit.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed some ideas about personalized gifts. Check out other articles for more personalized brilliant gift ideas and share your opinion, gifts experience, and ideas with us in the comments.