Sometimes during our busy days, we forget about the birthday of one of our friends or relatives and we don’t want to be the unique one without a gift. Fortunately for us, there are some last-minute gift ideas that can help us sort it out quickly.

The ideas we are suggesting are especially useful if you need a last-minute gift in the next 24 hours and you are really running out of options.


Introducing to you, Cameo, a platform that lets you request a small video from his/her favorite star from the TV or cinema. More than forty thousand celebrities are available on Cameo to record a personalized video with your message. Maybe a simple “Happy Birthday” or something more specific. Some celebrities fulfill the requests within 24 hours after the payment of the orders.

Cameo, videos from celebrities

Ok, but I don’t have one million pounds to buy a video of a celebrity. No worries, the Cameo platform has celebrities that charge between 10.00 USD and 5000.00USD. Just check the platform and find celebrities that are inside of your budget.

Flowers + Chocolate

In the UK, we have multiple places near us where we can buy flowers. Why not use these places to get a last-minute gift? Normally, the flower shops are opened till late and offer a great variety of flowers.

Flowers - Last-minute gift idea

Daisies, Roses, Lilies, and Orchids are some of the popular options that normally receive high interest from the flower’s lovers (of course all depends on the taste of the person).

We recommend that you stop by the supermarket and buy chocolate to offer together with the flowers. The combination of flowers and chocolate is quite common but always brings happiness to everyone who receives them.


If flowers and chocolate are a great combination, wine is also a good option. Available almost in every shop close to us, we can buy a good bottle and offer it to the person celebrating a birthday.

The most popular wines are from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Chile, and Georgia. All the wines of these countries are super tasty and safe to be chosen by you.

To make it more special, buy a paper bag to pack the wine, which always gives a fancier look to the present.

You can also add a bottle opener or chocolate since it is always useful to have it at home. The bottle openers normally are next to the bottles of wine at the shop, so simple and easy.

Home Accessories

With this one be careful, you are buying a birthday gift, not a housewarming gift. You need to find some accessories for the house that meets the interests or hobbies of the person that celebrates the birthday.

Home Accessories

Here are some brilliant ideas:

  • If the person likes to drink whiskey, buy them glasses for whiskey
  • If the person likes to cook, buy a set of jars with spices
  • If the person likes to drink coffee, buy them a set of mugs

These are just some ideas for home accessories you could buy as a birthday gift. Of course, it all depends on the taste, we hope our suggestions about home accessories inspired you to think about the last-minute gift idea.

Gift Cards – Great last-minute gift idea

Gift Cards are every day more popular because they are a safe and easy option to chose for a gift. These vouchers can be found online, and the activation is immediately after the payment. Because of these reasons, Gift Cards are our main choice for last-minute gift ideas.

PlayStation Gift Cards

There are multiple stores that offer gift cards:

  • PlayStation and Xbox Gift Cards, this is the perfect gift for gamers
  • Supermarkets
  • Clothes stores
  • Restaurants
  • Sport Shops
  • Coffee Shops
  • Online platforms (Google Play Store, App Store, and Spotify), etc.

You can choose an amount between 5 pounds and 150 pounds for the gift card.

The full list of gift cards is available at Tesco Gift Cards shop. You can also buy directly from the website the gift card. The payment methods accepted are all UK debit and credit cards issued by Visa or Mastercard. According to the terms and conditions of Tesco Gift Card Shop, the delivery of the gift card can take up to two hours after the payment.

Above is the list of all our ideas for last-minute gifts. We hope you enjoyed our suggestions and that these ideas trigger your creativity to find the perfect gift to surprise your friend or relative during his/her birthday.